Sunday, October 19, 2008

Leeds, West Brom, Michael Bolton, a nightmare flight and a new book

In Manchester this weekend for our home game vs West Brom. After a disjointed first half, we pulled away in the 2nd and ran out 4-0 winners. Have to say that Wayne Rooney was the catalyst for everything yesterday, simply outstanding.

We flew into Leeds and then had to suffer with one of the worst taxi drivers I've ever come across. The bloke couldn't even operate his sat nav, the fact we made it to Manchester was in itself a miracle! The flight back today was just as eventful. For some bizarre reason, Michael Bolton was on the flight?! Very bizarre. I didn't spot him until my mate pointed it out as we boarded. We then had a nightmare descent/landing in Dublin, brutal headwinds and flying from side to side as we approached the runway. Somehow the captain landed it but I was a tad freaked out walking off the plane!

I also managed to pick up the new book by Jim White (sports columnist for the Daily Telegraph) called "Manchester United The Biography". Really looking forward to reading it as his writing is first class (and he's a Red which is no bad thing!).

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