Thursday, October 30, 2008

Brand, Ross scandal = nonsense

Have to say I'm sick to death of this whole Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross crap. Talk about non-news making all the news.

Two things to note here.

1) Only two people actually complained after the show aired on BBC Radio 2. It took the UK national press to pick up the story before thousands of the middle classes reacted in "outrage" over the skit.

2) Andrew Sachs' granddaughter, after hearing about the skit, immediately employed the services of one Max Clifford as her PR guru and then all of a sudden appreared in the offices of The Sun to voice her outrage at the skit. Fair enough, the skit was in poor taste but it didn't take her long to start using it to earn some tabloid cash for selling her story and to further her (ahem) 'career' at the same time.

Utter f**king nonsense if you ask me.

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