Saturday, April 25, 2009

Now where was I........

ah yes..................

Apologies for my lack of posts of late, the usual excuses of work, too busy, travelling to matches, etc. or the fact that I am a lazy twat will probably suffice.


Have been in London on a couple of occasions since the New Year. First was in March for the Carling Cup Final vs. Spurs. A very average game that we managed to win on penalties which could have gone either way.

The quintuple was on....................until I took a trip back last weekend for the FA Cup Semi vs. Everton. Another very average game which was played on a disgraceful pitch which also went to penalties. On this occasion, we came out the wrong side but fair play to Everton, for some reason I wasn't too devastated to concede this one to them. An alright club even if they are scouse (makes a change from their horrible neighbours). Best of luck to them vs. Chelski in the final.

"Back From the Brink" & "Generation Kill"

Other things of late? Finished reading Paul McGrath's autobiography "Back From the Brink". A truely honest account of a life filled with the ultimate highs and the lowest of low's. I have to admit its not an easy read at times but I admire McGrath's absolute honesty, he leaves nothing out. If you like a no holds barred read, I strongly recommend it.

Currently reading "Generation Kill" by Evan Wright, a journalist who was embedded with the First Recon Batallion of the US Marines on their invasion of Iraq. Its now a seven part HBO series produced by David Simon (he of The Wire fame). Good read so far. Gives a very interesting portrayal of the soldiers involved, most of whom are 18-20 years old and who are constantly jacked up on ephedra, sugar and coffee (they don't drink it, its eaten in powder/crystal form out of a pouch!).


I also recently just finished the entire five series' of The Wire. I started watching this a few years ago on late night TV but ended up missing out on episodes and then dipping in and out of different series. So I bought the box set and watched the entire five series back to back. It has to be one of the best drama series ever devised for TV. I know a lot of people will give this title to The Soprano's but for me, The Wire is just something else. It gives an insight into all aspects of life in Baltimore, from drug dealers to city officals to the cops. Nobody is the hero, nobody is the villain (well, maybe Marlo Stanfield!). It can also be quite funny in parts with a very dark sense of humour. I can't give enough credit to David Simon. He is 100% unrepentant in the reality he displays and this is where the strength of the show is derived from. If you haven't seen it, turn off that reality TV crap right now and get a hold of it.


Other than that, work goes along as ever. The advertising market is currently one of the toughest I've ever seen and its a real battle every day to keep clients spending money. However, no point in moaning about it. Gotta just grind it out and prove you can do it, end of story.

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