Sunday, April 26, 2009

Its never dull is it?!

Jesus, if the above title was ever true it was yesterday at Old Trafford.

Yours truly didn't get to go to the game despite having travel and accomodation sorted as I came down with a bout of flu on Friday. However, the lads decided to put me through the ringer on top of my illness with two halves of football so contrasting in the level of performance that I was knackered (but exhilarated) at the final whistle.

No other team (and let me repeat this), NO OTHER TEAM could pull off what United did yesterday. 0-2 down at half time, displaying half fits of attacking verve and yet more shambolic defending to gift Spurs a two goal lead. Move to the second half, 5 goals in 23 minutes and the game and our title fortunes are completely reversed. Unbelieveable. The penalty may have been a tad controversial. When I saw it in real time I screamed for a penalty. Gomes did get a touch to the ball but these calls you sometimes get, other times you won't (our stonewall penalty vs. Everton at Wembley the previous week being a prime example). However, to go on and hit Spurs for 4 more shows the ridiculous will of this team once they get the bit between their teeth. Once the equaliser went in you could smell the winner coming. Fair play to Ronnie for showing some true passion after he scored, he looked like a man possessed when throwing his shirt skywards after scoring in front of K-Stand. I would also like to give credit to our support yesterday. We started a little flat but by god, the support from the kick off to the second half was fantastic, I genuinely feel it spurred (no pun intended!) the lads on to the win.

Now for Arsenal on Wednesday. Looking forward to this immensely, have a feeling the Stretty will be rocking for this one.


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