Monday, June 1, 2009

A right kick in the.....

you know where. Thoroughly enjoyed my few days in Rome despite a horrendous performance by United on the night. Atmosphere on the Tuesday night and all day Wednesday was terrific with no obvious signs of trouble in the city, though one poor sod was stabbed on Tuesday night by some very "courageous" local.

Rome itself is a incredible city, history seems to seep out of every inch of the place. Myself and a mate managed to get a couple of the sights in before the game on Wed, the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps are genuinely incredible. I will definitely head back to Rome again for a weekend to take in the remainder of the city. May take in a game at the Stadio Olympico but will probably bring back bad memories! Three times I've been to Italy to see United and we haven't won once. I hope my perseverance pays off one day.

The journey back was long and draining. Flew from Rome-Milan-Paris-Dublin which included a very close call at Milan Malpensa in making my flight to Paris as we had to dodge a thunderstorm in Rome after take off!

In a few months time the merry-go-round starts again. Bring it on.

Currently reading the David Simon book, The Corner, which is a follow up to his book Homicide on which much of The Wire was based. Early days so far but its gritty and insightful. Finished another Henry Rollins book, "Do I Come Here Often". A great collection of Rollins journal entries across the 1990s (including a hilarious account of his time on the 1991 Lollapolooza Tour) mixed with great interviews he's done for a number of US magazines with the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Isaac Hayes and John Lee Hooker. Like or loathe Rollins, you can't ignore his writing. The man tells it like he sees it, which is often 100% negative and seen completely from his own point of view but I find it great material nonetheless.

Music wise, I just picked up the Hatebreed live DVD released late last year. Good viewing so far.

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