Monday, May 4, 2009

"If The Reds Should Play......"

Just started on a book put together in 1997 by some of the lads in the Red News United fanzine entitled, "If the Reds Should play in Rome......or Mandalay: Travelling across Europe with United." Word for word accounts of over 30 plus contributors from all walks of life of their experiences watching United up until 1997.

I am roughly 5 chapters in at this stage and it is a cracking read, warts and all. Some hilarious stuff so far but also some absolutely crazy accounts such as the trip to Valencia in 1982 where it seems it was a miracle that nobody was killed either before, during or after the game.

I never tire of reading these kinds of books. I guess hearing accounts from genuine life-long football supporters make for a more interesting read, I think you can identify with a lot of what they recount, though yours truly has quite a few trips to do to make up the difference with the likes of Phil Holt or the truly remarkable Mike Dobbin (RIP) - I hope to put some further dents in this over the next few years, fingers crossed.

A great read so far, if you're a United fan (or a fan of any persuasion) and enjoy hearing about the often crazy side of following a football team in Europe, get a hold of a copy (currently available from for a bargain £8.99 + postage).

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